On-site Convenience Store

We wouldn’t be able to call ourselves Modern Vending if we didn’t embrace the most forward thinking trends in vending. At the forefront of these is the open-air market, an automated, on-site convenience store. Our Modern Markets offers a healthy, convenient and efficient solution to break room vending needs.

Providing open-air market like ours can eliminate the need for your employees to venture off campus to pick up snack items, saving them on daily travel expense. This can also reduce the number of extended break and lunch periods that they take and result in  better productivity for you. 

When you get a Modern Market from us, we provide modern, efficient coolers, attractive fixtures, a check-out kiosk and a full security system. The security system works “in sync” with the check-out kiosk to monitor the market. Clearly marked signs indicate that customers are on camera. Each market has its own web-based inventory management system which allows us to evaluate inventory quickly and add new products easily. 

It’s Easy to Get Started

If you are having problems with your current service provider, or looking for a completely new vending service then please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our sales representative will be available to give you a free evaluation of your vending program with no obligation.