Frequently asked questions

Who selects the products that go in the machines?

Each new account will be supplied with a ‘menu’ of our products which allow them to select what they would like to see in their machines. In some cases we will go ahead and fill the machines with what we think will be popular products. We have been in the business a long time and more than likely have other accounts will similar demographics to your account. However, we are always open to suggestions from you and your employees. 

Is there a cost to my company for the vending equipment/serivce?

Modern Vending Serice will provide the machines and service free of charge. 

How often do you come by to fill up the machines?

As often as needed. Your size and volume will determine your re-stocking schedule.

Can we earn revenue from our vending machine sales?

Yes, many of our locations receive a percentage of their sales back in the form of revenue share. Revenue sharing is done on an account by account level. Just ask us how you can get involved.

What condition are the vending machines in?

The machines coming in will be new or near new. The machines will be in excellent condition and uniform in design.

What is the procedure if someone loses money in the machines?

Vending machines from time to time do take people’s money. We can supply a refund bank for on-the-spot refunds. Our route drivers will also issue refunds.

If a machine has a problem how quickly do you respond to fix it?

Once a problem has been brought to our attention we generally respond within four hours. Keeping our customers happy and our vending machines stocked and functioning properly is our #1 priority.

Can we request specific products?

Of course, you can either request a specific product through our website or talk to your account reprehensive. We want to offer the products your employees want.

Is there a contract?

Depends, contracts are handled on an account by account basis.

How long does it take for delivery/installation and what is the process?

Once you give us the go ahead to move machines in we will be ready to go within 14 days. In the event that you already have a vendor it’s always nice to give them 30 days to move out. If you need the machines sooner than that we will make it happen. After we agree on an installation date, it shouldn’t take more than 4 hours to move the machines in and get them all set up and working.

What are your service days and hours?

Our trucks start very early in the morning every day and we have route technicians on call around the clock. The people who re-stock your vending machines are also trained in repairing them. This helps facilitate most machine repairs and ensures that your vending machines are always up and running.

It’s Easy to Get Started

If you are having problems with your current service provider, or looking for a completely new vending service then please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our sales representative will be available to give you a free evaluation of your vending program with no obligation.